• 2- to 4-gang version
  • Screwable with option for installation from behind
  • Separate earthing possible



  • Standard model for power, data and multimedia modules
  • 2-, 3- and 4-gang version
  • Option for separate earth lead


Technical details:

  • GST-18 connector
  • Internal wiring at 1.5 mm² (standard) or 2.5 mm² (optional)


Methods of fitting:

  • Mounting is done by screw holes in the bottoms
  • Screw holes behind the removable frame allow panel mounting


Special applications:

NETBOX-M Trunking system:

  • For trunking systems of different manufacturers
  • 2- and 3-gang version
  • Frames available with 80 or 100 mm width
  • Easy assembly and retrofitting
  • Mounting clips for standard profiles and other fixtures


NETBOX M Safety:

With an MCB and/or RCB the whole circuit can be protected (option)